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We, Dr. Specialist Homeo Clinic & Wellness care, situated at Thodupuzha, Idukki, provide perfect care to the patients with homeopathy and Alternative holistic ways help them to get rid of the problem from which they are suffering. . As an organization, we have a person-driven strategy to ensure that the patients and doctors have a pleasant experience. We understand our customers, clients, and patients before we make plans for treatment. We do this so you not only feel like you are in the right hands for your treatment but also that your relationship with us is a long term investment .

Our goal is to be the last doctor you ever need to see! We aim to be the very best company of our kind so that we can provide all of our patients with the highest standard of medicine and medicine-related care. Specifics on how we achieved this were listed throughout our patient page on up above.

Our Mission

A transparent treatment plan
Highly effective
No Side effects
Overall patient healthcare in a holistic

Our Vision

We want to help clients achieve and maintain a state of complete wellness. We’re firm believers in a holistic approach, and our services will help clients overcome their existing conditions and live healthy lives.


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Specialist Homeo Clinic Adam Star Complex, Thodupuzha,Idukki

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